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What am I going to do with all this rice?

So I had all this organic brown arborio rice that I'd cooked last night in desperation, having run out of long- and short-grain rice to go with the curry (see previous post).

But of course it doesn't go with curry. It's too nutty and substantial. (You could argue with this and say it goes perfectly well, but we just decided to have the curry on its own!)

So what to do with it? Make a rice salad, of course. Brown rice salad sounds like a favourite from student days, but don't let that stop you. By making this I remembered just how good some of those 'healthy' dishes from simpler (poorer!) days actually were.

Take a large can of corn and drain it. Same with a can of cannellini beans. Chop an onion finely. Chop a red bell pepper into small squares. Same with a sweet green pepper. Slice a good stick of celery into small pieces. Now toss it all together with the cold cooked rice. Easy! No wonder it was a student favourite.

The sweetness of the corn contrasts with the nuttiness of the brown arborio rice, the grains of which are larger and more succulent than your normal brown rice. And the beans give it an extra robustness.

Dress generously - I used olive oil, white vinegar and plenty of lemon juice shaken in a glass jar with a scored garlic clove. Salt and pepper to taste.

Good with sliced cold meat or cold fried chicken as a picnic lunch outdoors.

(We still had some rice left over, so T. made a delicious breakfast: warm the cold rice with some milk in a pan, add a generous spoonful of honey, chop a banana through it, add a couple of chopped walnuts and a sprinkling of wheatgerm. Serve with your favourite yogurt. I like mango-flavoured yogurt, reminds me of summer.)

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