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A what's-in-the-cupboard dinner.

There was a can of mackerel, a can of beans, some eggs and not much else.

Boil some rice. Boil two eggs. When the rice is cooked, drain it and quickly toss a generous amount of curry powder over it, stirring it through. Shell your eggs, chop them roughly and fold them through the rice together with some chopped parsley. Also fold through some beans.

Mackerel over the top. Yum. Kind of like an instant kedgeree, I guess. Except the fish should be smoked. And there's no beans in kedgeree. Whatever. (I grew up with kedgeree - my mother always used the leftover smoked cod which we'd had with a white sauce flecked with parsley and mashed potatoes.)

On the side, a salad of mustard greens* and chopped green onion with vinaigrette.

*In the garden, the mustard greens have TAKEN OFF! And just when I tamed the rocket. The snails appear not to have touched it, maybe they don't know what it is. Beautiful broad showy foliage shooting up and flopping outwards like a fleur-de-lys, all deep green with mottled purple. So we're eating mustard greens with everything. It's a bit like cos lettuce crossed with rocket. Less peppery, more bitter. I'm going to cook it as well.

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