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Barry Road? Or the fridge?

Sometimes you can't be bothered going to any great lengths to cook. Like when you come in late, you're tired and there's little to inspire you in the fridge.

And when you can't even be bothered going out again to Barry Road (yes, Barry Road!) where the strip shopping centre has 1. an excellent chinese takeaway, 2. the best fish and chip shop 'Barry Rd Fish & Chips', 3. a chicken shop 'Chickens on Barry Rd', 4. an old-fashioned hamburger shop 'Barry Rd Burgers' (see the pattern emerging?), 5. a turkish takeaway, 6. two pizza shops 'Panic Pizza' and another, 7. a Lebanese cake shop (the honey custard rolls 'Znood-al-sit' are to die for) and 8. two more bakeries.

The fridge won. I'll save Barry Road for another night. Many other nights.

I had a pack of frozen La Triestina spinach and ricotta ravioli. I opened a can of tomato puree, flung it in a pot with a dash of salt and pepper, another of brown sugar and a bay leaf and some basil.

Salted water on the boil, ravioli into the water, water down to a simmer, drain them when they float to the surface, onto a plate, a slosh of the sauce, and a good shake of parmesan. It was good.

But I would have liked crumbed whiting, crisp fries, a squeeze of lemon and some tartare.

From Barry Road.

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