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The Cup's over, I lost, it's raining and I want pasta.

Horseracing. Sport of kings. And losers. Lucky I've never been a gambler since reading Frank Hardy's The Four-Legged Lottery at age 12. What an eye-opener that was.

After all the barbecuing and picnicing over the last few days, something a little blander is called for. Not that this is boring: it's simple but really packs a flavour punch.

Cook your spaghetti.

Cook the silverbeet until it is well wilted. Drain, add salt and pepper.

Fold silverbeet through cooked and drained spaghetti. Toss your sliced chile peppers (which should ideally have been marinating in olive oil for 24 hours) over the top and then crown it with paper-thin slices of parmesan.

A glass of red and a thick slice of buttered vienna.

Heaven. Even if your horse came last.

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