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In the garden shed, I have an old tin of seed packets. I 'inherited' the tin from a house we lived in some years ago. The previous owner - Mr Treadwell, a keen gardener - had left it along with a glasshouse full of orchids and a shed full of tools.

We used the seed tin for our own seed packs, just placing them on top of the old packs.

I finally went through the tin the other day.

The label on one pack, right at the bottom of the tin, reads Carrot - Manchester Progress. Tasty and Tender. Deep Rich Colour. Yates Reliable Seeds on the front and, on the back, Price 12 cents. Good For Sowing Season 1969.

I guess I probably shouldn't bother sowing them.

(I presume Manchester Progess was a proprietary variety of Manchester Table.)

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