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Monday night. What to eat?

I found a source of brown arborio rice which also happens to be 'organic'. The brand is La Risera and costs no more than ordinary arborio.

It makes a magnificent pumpkin risotto, perfect for brightening up a Monday night.

Heat oil in a pan, add a couple of chopped sprigs of rosemary, two scored garlic cloves and a couple of cups of pumpkin chopped into one inch cubes.

Sweat this over a very low heat for twenty minutes or so. Give it a shake every now and then. Remove from pan and set aside. Cook a finely chopped medium onion in the pan in a little more oil. Then add about a cup and a half of arborio rice. Stir to coat in oil. Add hot chicken stock in increments, alternating with a few dashes of white wine. The rice will take it up gradually and expand.

Stir, stir, stir.

It will take at least a litre of fluid. Add the pumpkin, garlic and rosemary back into the rice. Towards the end, stir through some parmesan cheese.

OK, we cheated. You don't have to stand there stirring it all day. T. started it, set it going, added most of the liquid, set the lid on the pot, switched it off and then went off to pre-natal yoga (I know, it sounds dangerous, all that twisting and doing dog and cat poses, but T. assures me there was a woman there last week who was four days overdue and she was fine). When I came home I finished it off and by the time T. came in from yoga, glowing, it was ready.

It was creamy, unctuous and the brown arborio made it slightly nutty.

Chardonnay suits it just fine.

I love Monday nights.