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Posting has been light lately, although since this weblog is usually about food, I suppose it should be 'lite' in a slender, slightly italic, sans serif font, maybe with a nice flowery asterisk over the 'i' instead of the dot.

That doesn't mean I haven't been eating. Or cooking. But before we eat, or even cook, we have to buy stuff at the market, the butcher and (gritted fingers typing here) the supermarket. (Sorry, Mr Keyboard.)

And before we buy stuff, we have to have money to pay for it. Sometimes I use a credit card, which in my view of the world, involves no actual expenditure. You can use it for months and you still have exactly the same bank balance.

But then something really weird happens. One day, usually a cloudy one, a Letter Arrives in the Mail containing a bill. A big bill. A very big bill. But it's a nice big bill, because in the section where it tells you how much you have to pay this month, the amount bears absolutely no relationship to the total outstanding amount. Like, you could owe $21,357.16 on your credit card, but the box that tells you the mimimum amount payable this month says: $1.56.

That's why I love my credit card. It is so forgiving. So understanding.

And that's why I have to work very, very hard this week. And very, very hard next week. And maybe even the one after that. That's why I haven't posted much lately.

Is it just me, or do other people have credit cards?


Julie said...

Yes, my husband and I feel the VERY SAME WAY about credit cards!
...that's why we only use debit cards now.

If it only takes you three weeks to dig yourself out, good on you. It took us five years and a lawsuit.

Chocolate. Eat lots. It helps. With hazelnuts. And maybe some tea. And some shortbread cookies. And...

Terry Oglesby said...

Hey, I've got one of those things, too! I figure mine will be paid off if I can find a way to work for another three or four years after my death.

kitchen hand said...

Julie, a lawsuit? Maybe I can sue someone for making me spend money.

Terry, write a book and make it a best seller.

Anonymous said...

I think we're the only people in Australia who don't have a credit card, only because I don't trust myself when it comes to spending money that isn't entirely mine :P We get SO many calls from our banks trying to talk us into having a card, and asking us why don't we have one...I think they think we're aliens :)

Tan @

kitchen hand said...

Tan, you've no doubt saved huge amounts in interest.