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One thing I didn’t know about Steve Irwin.

I didn’t know he grew up in my suburb, a few streets away, or that he first looked for critters along the Moonee Ponds Creek, where I did, in 1971. (I didn’t want to. It was a school project.) I learned this after his death.

Now he has been farewelled and in the words of his brave daughter Bindi, I will never see a crocodile without thinking of Steve Irwin. I’ll just get well out of the way first.


trouble said...

Moonee Ponds - does this mean that you might both have been up Dame Edna's creek? No wonder both you lovely boys have done so well...
(I was very saddened to see her being so - well, nasty - to poor little Barry Humphries the other day. Still, it can't be easy to be an Aussie icon - eh, Steve?)

kitchen hand said...

Yes, Trouble, I spent every Saturday morning of my life in the real life Puckle Street, while mother and father shopped in Silman's grocer, Gilbertson's butcher and Coles variety store. Not to mention Stintons cards, the lending library at the back of the newsagent and the TAB next to Bruno's coffee lounge in the arcade. Sometimes we kids were bored of shopping and just sat in the EH while the rain dripped on the windscreen.

But we lived in Essendon, the neighbouring suburb.

Ian T. said...

Yep, I reckon the crocs must've been Steve Irwin's totem animal or something. The stingray thing still amazes me - I guess we know they're dangerous, but they're also a very familiar animal, even in the bay, and really rather nice normally. A tragedy.