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Roast chicken with basil, currant and lemon stuffing.

Haven't seen the sky for days, but the clouds are putting on a show, crowding the sky and moving around each other like over-eager yachts at a regatta. Big low ones, heavy and dark and ponderous, break away from each other to reveal faster, flightier ones higher in the sky. I don't know what the wind's doing, but while some clouds drift one way, others lean in another direction.

It's cold enough to make roast chicken sound like a good idea. It's always a good idea but sometimes more than others.

Here's what to put in the middle.

Basil stuffing for chicken.

Take a whole bunch of basil. Process it with some crusty breadcrumbs, for example, the interior of a vienna loaf or similar.

Simmer a cup of currants in a cup of balsamic vinegar until fat.

Mix the basil mixture and the currants and vinegar well. Add salt and pepper. Stuff the chicken with this mixture and half a lemon. Roast.

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