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Hot weather, prawns and cold beer.

Summer was relatively mild.

Autumn is shaping up as a scorcher: six days out of the next seven we are looking at 30 degrees-plus celsius. Today was 36.

Nights are relatively cool. Last night, barbecued prawns: marinated in tamari, ginger, garlic and some flecks of chili for a few hours, then seared on the grill after being greased with a little sesame oil and served on spinach soba noodles. Cold beer goes perfectly with this. I even put ice in it, sacrilege I know. (I first drank beer on ice at a Japanese restaurant to accompany the lightest tempura I had ever eaten. It was superb. Of course, if the tempura is not great, it will make any drink taste flabby and oily.)


Marie said...

It seems odd to come on here and see that you are heading into Autumn, when we are on the cusp of our spring. Although you would not really know it this morning as the wind is raging and it's bucketing down and we are experiencing the great storm of 2008!

neil said...

I haven't done ice in beer, but have had ice in wine, Bacchus didn't strike me down or cause all my wine to be corked, so I think the Gods are okay with it. Btw, is there a beer God, or has Bacchus got it covered?

kitchen hand said...

Marie, I read about your storms this morning. The story was accompanied by a picture of a parson terrier standing on a pot plant.

Neil, yes - there is a beer god. His name is Eric Walters (click on m'monastery').