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William with toy, Dromana beach, 11.30 a.m. today.

Beach huts, seagull.

Dromana pier, Mt Martha to the right.

21 degrees Celsius, no wind. Just about perfect. Ate lunch on the beach. Home-made curried egg and celery sandwiches on Baker Boys' sourdough. Then a perfect coffee on a table in the sun at a cafe over the road and a milkshake for William. Stop the clock, somebody.


Took the coast road home just to remind myself how sharp the curves are around Mt Martha. One minute you're staring at sparkling blue water; the next it's away to the left. Does anyone remember drum brakes? That would have been fun. Or not. I first drove this road one night in February 1978 in a 1965 Humber Super Snipe, a hulking great car with front discs. I had a 12-month-old baby on board: William and Thomas's Much Older Brother.

Thirty years gone, just like that. I remember it like it was yesterday.


Miss Katharine said...

Ooh! Nice pictures! It looks so warm and lovely (not gray and cold like Chicago is these past few days).

kitchen hand said...

We had been having grey and cold, Miss Katharine, but this day was a warm sunbeam.

Anne said...

We have been having gray and cold too -- Wednesday was springy but the return to wintry weather is making everyone cross. Thirty years gone indeed; my own children's Much Older Sibling would be 30, if. So I'm enjoying every day with the little ones.

neil said...

Looks like the calm before the storm of this weekend, get ready to rug up.

Drum brakes never went away, some modern cars still have them.

kitchen hand said...

Anne, enjoy every day and remember the 'if'.

Neil, we'll be at cold, windblown Sandown racetrack where Tracy will resume her running career in the Victorian 10k. If I blog no longer you may assume we've frozen.

Marie said...

Lovely pictures Anne. I often have those moments where a blast of the past hits me and I wonder where the time has flown. I sure hope the next 30 years don't pass as quickly as the last 30 years did!!!