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New varieties of things just keep popping up.

Welcome back to At My Table's Neil who writes of a waiter, when asked for the name of a particular variety of French mustard, returns from checking the name on the jar to announce, "It's called moutarde!"

Reminds me of the Coles checkout girl who, when scanning a parsnip for my pot of winter vegetable soup a few months ago, enthused: "Wow! A white carrot! How long have they been around?"


neil said...

And nice to be back.

Did you pay the carrot price? When they mistake my limes for lemons at the checkout, it always seems such a bargain.

kitchen hand said...

Neil, I paid the parsnip price. I couldn't bring myself to continue the 'look, a white carrot!' line of conversation as I hadn't had any coffee yet that day. I just mumbled 'it's a parsnip' while trying not to sound like some kind of vegetable wonk.

Barbara said...

Haha, that's funny! I always get dirty looks when I buy leeks, apparently they are not a staple in the southwestern cuisine.
The other day I bought a kohlrabi, imagine my surprise and delight in finding it at the local grocery, yet the check out man had no clue what to do with it. I ended up spelling it to him so he could find it in the depths of his register data.

kitchen hand said...

Barbara, so many things need to be spelled out these days. Even then a blank stare sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I bought a head of lettuce at my local superstore and the checkout guy said he's never seen lettuce out of the bag!