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Sentence not working.

"Cynthia opened the oven door and poured more hot gravy over the roast before lambasting Roger following an argument about a mint sauce recipe. Did it contain sugar, or not? They ran a successful real estate empire of eighty offices between them, but could never agree about the smallest things."


White Dove said...

Sounds like Roger's got it made....Cynthia is still doing the cooking!!

KT said...

So... she dumped gravy on Roger?

White Dove said...

No...I thought it was just a clever play on was more by chance(or was it) that she was basting the lamb roast as she was lambasting Roger about the mint sauce that was yet to be made. Who's the writer by the way?

kitchen hand said...

White Dove, fictional people called Roger can never cook.

KT, yes - they are about at that point, I think. Roger's hide will be thick enough to barely notice.

(It's self-criticism, WD. One of mine.)