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Five years and six months.

Born in June 2005. Started school last Thursday.

Blue and navy over grey; black lace-up shoes. Blue hat.

'Do I look like a pilot?' he asked.

He did. Flying through life.


paula said...

i have a matching small bloke, who is starting tomorrow. his idea was this: 'mum, while i'm at school can you just wait in the biscuit room?'. this is the staff room. i like his thinking, but i don't think the staff would be cool with me eating all the arnotts and eavesdropping on teacher gossip all day.

kitchen hand said...

Paula, William asked me this morning if the teachers could come to our house instead of him going to school.

Barbara said...

Aww. His whole life in front of him. Hopes and dreams, and endless opportunities. May he never miss a good one.

Now, did someone mention Arnott's?? *drool*

kitchen hand said...

The boys demolished half a pack of Arnott's Marie biscuits at the weekend, Barbara. They were at their aunt's house and what do you say when an aunt brings out the biscuits?

Barbara said...

You tell her that she's your favorite auntie, then you push your brother out of the way to make sure you get your hands on the biccies before he does!

kitchen hand said...

That's exactly what happened.