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Apple pancakes.

Tom eats several a day. William will nibble one if he is very hungry. Their current favourite is the Royal Gala, which sounds like a Melbourne Cup winner from the 1970s, but is a sweet, yellow- and red-skinned cultigen made in the 1970s from a sport of the Gala apple, itself a clonally propagated fruit developed in the 1930s across the ditch in New Zealand. And that's the end of that paragraph.

At upwards of $4 a kilo, we retain the merely nibbled ones when a refrigerator is handy. These are chopped and stewed, or grated for bircher muesli, or cut into an apple pie; and I know which I'd prefer, although bircher muesli is not all that bad if you drown it in mango flavoured yogurt. Or cream.

The other day I grated a Royal Gala and folded it through a batter (flour - half self-raising and half plain - an egg and three-quarters of a cup of milk), and fried the batter in a non-stick pan, shaking it gently over a small amount of butter, and turned the resulting pancakes out onto plates and melted a little butter over them and dusted them with a little caster sugar.

The grated apple disappeared into the texture and was no longer apparent and the boys sat down for lunch. Pass the maple syrup, they said. I passed the maple syrup.


paula said...

we love apple pancakes here too. we top up our supply by going to harcourt for an arvo drive and buying some fresh picked ones, then stopping for some freebies on the side of the road from one of the many rogue apple trees. that's my tip for winter. take a thermos and a tin of cake.

kitchen hand said...

Paula, I love the Harcourt region - starkly beautiful in winter, especially the back roads around Mt Alexander where rocky outcrops burst through the soil and those rogue trees warm their branches in the winter sun.