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What happens when everyone is 'LinkedIn'?

I keep getting invitations from people on LinkedIn whose 'profile' says they have, for example, 438 contacts. And they're on Facebook as well?

I glanced into the window of a Brunswick Street North restaurant the other night on one of my evening runs. The snapshot image was of diners oblivious to each other and staring into smartphones, right thumbs flicking obsessively, while a lonely ignored waiter forlornly distributed plates of food. They call it social networking.


A Melbourne Girl said...

KH. Tell.Me.About.It!!!!!

I'm on Linkedin (got invited ages ago) but keep getting invites from people I've never heard of.....if they think I'm going to somehow further their careers or networking they've got another thing coming!

...and as for the use of personal elecrtronics these days, it drives me nuts. Why go out to dinner, or do anything for that matter, if all you plan to do is stay connected to your damn phone?

Why is it that so many people now think they are so damn important that they have to be constantly checking their emails/facebook/twits/sms?
I really don't get it

Everyone's connected but no-one's having an actual personal relationship any more

kitchen hand said...

Well said, AMG.

Lindie said...

Agree. How sad. I am on Facebook only to visit with close friends and family that doesn't live close. To see their pictures and enjoy their days. I would never use my phone in a restaurant. How rude!

kitchen hand said...

Lindie, I read an item in the paper the other about the growing phenomenon of wedding guests spending the reception texting and gazing into 'smart'phones.