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Linked Out

I just closed my L***edIn account. I'm not even sure why I was on it in the first place. I can't even bring myself to type its whole name in case a bunch of Russian hackers close in on my blog. The Russians are coming!

Does anyone see the irony of this? In the early 1960s, the nuns warned us about the Red menace; and there was a grain of truth in it, because my school had one of Melbourne's highest proportions of eastern European immigrants (the Polish and Ukrainian girls had the most beautiful skin and eyes and ringleted blond hair I had ever seen) whose Catholic parents had fled Stalin in the 1950s.

Then the Russians weren't coming any more and anyone who had been afraid of the Red menace became the butt of liberal jokes.

Now they're coming again!

Actually, it would be quite amusing - in a dark way - if Russian hackers closed down the whole internet and we went back to posting letters and writing in diaries.


Dr. Alice said...

I got several invites to join L**kedIn but never did. You're making me glad I didn't.

kitchen hand said...

Bizarrely, the day I killed my L/In account I started getting L/In update emails. It seems that killing my account also de-activated the account preference I had chosen of not receiving L/In emails.