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Worldwide web or Shelob's Lair?

Having cancelled my 'account' at one of those annoyingly ubiquitous social media networks last year, I reopened it last week, for the sole reason that I had to find an industry contact. See? It works. You are identified by your name and an optional photograph, and contacted via your email account.

The following day, my email account had hundreds of emails in the spam folder, and hundreds more the spam filter had missed in the inbox. Something had also sent spam emails from my email account to names in my contacts list. Furthermore, I had several emails responding to link requests that I had not sent.

Are these incidents 'linked'? I don't know. The internet is a dangerous place. Wouldn't want to get trapped in it.

I might call in the ACC. They seem to be doing a good job with sport. (Although so far it's all grandstand and no action, like the entertainment before the grand final.)

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