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Ten Years After.

I started this weblog ten years ago. It was meant to be an online filing system for recipes, because I didn't want to end up with 10,000 yellowing newspaper tear-outs all over the kitchen, which is what happened to this recipe hoarder. I didn't even have comments then, and introduced the feature later in case I wanted to make footnotes to entries.

It was a good time to start a weblog, because they were new, and so people sought them out and read them, and I was lucky enough to gain a few readers; one or two or maybe three of which still visit and comment occasionally. Today, because there are so many, it would be next to impossible to open a weblog and attract visitors without publicity, which kind of misses the point. I can imagine Twitter going the same way when everyone has a Twitter account and less time to read everyone else's.

One of the first recipes I posted was a simple Asian-style soup of butterfish fillets cooked in stock with onions, garlic, ginger, herbs and bean shoots. I don't think I've done it since. Might try it tonight.


Melbourne Girl said...

KH, I started visiting after reading about you in the Age Newspaper. They did that feature on food blogs in epicure. I remember reading it at work that morning...and I think I went right back through all of your posts, especially enjoying the ones about the greyhounds. I think my first contact with you was about the special stew you used to make them. I'm still making it for my critters.
Thank you

Martin Kennedy said...

Happy 10th Anniversary. Keep them coming!

claire said...

Happy anniversary KH. Love reading your writing, long may it continue.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks all. Dropped off a bit lately but just a temporary blip.