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Red is the colour ....

Well, actually she doesn't wear a lot of red. I'm talking about food. (What is that song?*)

Red capsicum prices have come down from the stratosphere so let's cook some.

Pasta with swordfish and capsicum.

Swordfish is a robust, tasty, magnificent fish that holds together when cooked, making it suitable for barbecuing, etc. According to some, it is also endangered, so get it while you can. (That last comment shocks some of my politically correct friends just like sacrilege would have shocked the middle classes fifty or sixty years ago, proving that eco-obsession has filled the need for religion in an increasingly atheist society).

Slice the fish into three quarter inch cubes and marinate it in lemon juice and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Meanwhile, roast a red capsicum, peel it and cut it into strips.

Cook some tomato fettucine (I use La Triestina, made locally - in Brunswick).

Sear the fish in a heavy pan, cook a minute or so longer, and add it to the drained pasta. Decorate with the roasted red pepper.

To finish, toss some capers over the pasta and add a shower of cracked black pepper.


*Yes It Is, the Beatles, 1965

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