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Four eccentric, elderly English gentlemen on stage.

It's almost pathetic. What? That I missed the Rolling Stones again. Always an excuse. Too young in '65 or '66. Couldn't afford '73. Too busy another time. Missed out on tickets. Forgot. Out of town.

On the subject of ticket prices, is $300 to $1000 too much to pay for a two-hour Rolling Stones concert? It's all relative. If you offered fans the chance to see a miraculously revived two Beatles, and they joined the other two in concert, how much would they pay? Anything. Elvis Presley? Quadruple that. Yet the Rolling Stones survived largely intact and are here. It's all relative. I think I just said that.

Last night, when Keith Richards was announced on stage, he was reported saying, "It's good to be here. It's good to be anywhere!"

No, I haven't bought tickets for Hanging Rock. Can't remember my excuse, but there must be one.


Favourite Stones song? The one my mother frowned at in 1967 when my brother purchased the EP: 'Let's Spend the Night Together'. The summer of love! Wait, I was ten. But I loved those keyboards.

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