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Bonfire of the Vanities, Chapter 5,629.

Doris Southbridge ... was surprised. "But I really shouldn't be ... . We're on the east coast and there's all those states in the middle, which haven't changed in hundreds of years."


Dr. Alice said...

::Eyeroll:: (at Doris, not you).

I was surprised myself. When Wisconsin swung to Trump I realized that he was going to win. As for what happens now, I have no idea except that the protesters have gone full hysteria. No Black Marias are going to swoop in and carry people off. I am hopeful that the ACA healthcare plan will be tweaked and improved - it has been an utter disaster.

paul kennedy said...

I was listening to a sports station (SEN) and the commentary gradually moved from cricket to the American election. One of the panel, an Age sports journalist (yes, he has two jobs) almost started weeping, declaring apocalypse by sexism and racism.