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Four teenage jobs.

1. Age 11: Grade Six incinerator monitor at primary school, 1968 - burning all the rainbow lunch wrap and paper bags from school lunches. Probably my most responsible job ever.

2. Age 14: delivering weekly newspaper to streets south of Essendon airport at 4 a.m. on Thursdays.

3. Age 16: gardener for old Mrs Fleming. She gave me stale cake for morning tea, the poor old dear. I remember being sad for her for some reason. Probably that she had no-one else to share the cake with. Years later, I found out why - she was a ghost.

4. Age 17: salesman at B. V. Menswear in Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds. I sold suits, bowls outfits and hats to the older men, and pastel bodyshirts, flared trousers and check lumberjackets to the younger customers.

What were your teenage jobs? Meet any ghosts?


Melbourne Girl said...

1. Bag packer at a supermarket when I was at High School, when they still had the large brown paper bags...was then "promoted" to look after the lolly safe.

2. Collected drink bottles to sell to the local Slades outlet down the road

3. Barmaid and general cleaner-upperer at a couple of pubs when I left school to help make ends meet while trying to pursue acting career...also babysitter and dishwasher

Nothing too exciting.

paul kennedy said...

What happened to those paper bags - surely they would be better than today's plastic ones.

Melbourne Girl said...

No idea, but they were fabulous