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How I celebrated the Cormo Express arriving back in Australia.

With lamb of course. At $7.99 a kilo, it's perfect right now. A small roast in the oven for two hours and it's done nicely. I tossed in a fresh rosemary sprig straight off the bush and a few cloves of garlic.

Oops, forgot the potatoes, so I cut them finely, a couple of millimetres only - so they'll cook faster - and threw them in a baking dish with milk, cream, salt, pepper and some more rosemary. (They're also good like this cooked with chicken stock).

On the side: broccoli from the garden. Hmmm, running out of ideas for broccoli. And peas. The peas were frozen. That's OK.

I served it all up and tossed some mint sauce that I made over it for a delicious tart taste. Never use supermarket mint sauce, always make your own. It's easier. Just pick some sprigs of mint and put them in a jar with vinegar. If it's that easy, why would people waste money and time going to a supermarket to buy mint sauce made in a factory?

I dunno.

PS: The Cormo Express was the ship carrying 53,000 sheep to the Middle East. Saudi Arabia rejected them and much trouble was had finding an alternate buyer. They were eventually given away for free to Eritrea together with a million dollars for processing costs. They were very well-travelled sheep.

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