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Archbishop's limp excuse.

The parish bulletin of 14 October carried the following notice: "Archbishop Denis Hart has regrettably had to cancel his visit to St Paul's parish and school on Wednesday 18th October and Saturday 21st October due to a strained wrist. He told Fr Ray that he was looking forward to this visit as he enjoyed the last visit last March." That's a week's notice for a strained wrist. The parish bulletin went on: "We pray for him in his time of need and recovery." That sentence is either the kind of exaggerated clerical cordiality as satirised by comedian Dick Emery's character 'The Vicar' ... or bitingly vicious sarcasm. I'm not sure which. But I could take a guess.

Tom turns eleven.

We just sat at the same table exactly six years after the event below.

Why don't we just shut down the whole network and live in caves?

The electricity generators, newly converted to the green religion, are planning to pay you to turn off your air-conditioning . The politicians love it: Mr Frydenberg said the pilot program could save enough power to support more than 100,000 homes — or as much as is generated by a small power station. How about I turn out the lights as well and you can shut another one and give me money? NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin compared the plan to the way people learned to reduce their water use during the last major drought. Bad comparison, Mr Energy Minister. Everyone has water, but not everyone has air-conditioning. Water falls from the sky, humans generate electricity. At least, they are supposed to so that people's life support equipment doesn't go off, among other things. (See Arthur Hailey's Overload , 1979.) Aside from that, I never installed aircon, so can I get the rebate for all the power I never used? Ms Zibelman ... said it would make the power system more reliable