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Heavenly pasta. All year round.

Over at Il Forno they are talking about one of the most basic pasta recipes of all, spaghetti olio e aglio.

It's simply spaghetti tossed with a little fried garlic and parsley. It's a great way to eat pasta any time. I'd eat it for breakfast. Well, maybe brunch.

The 'raw' version is my favourite, where you simply soak the uncooked chopped garlic and parsley in the oil, drain the pasta and fold it through. (You have to like garlic, but who doesn't?)

I personally don't like garlic to be burned as it often can be when you fry it initially. Instead, I 'score' it and allow it to warm through gently, releasing its flavours (not difficult), without burning.

Sometimes I cook a version of this pasta with anchovies.

Simply cook your spaghetti, drain and toss through with some good oil, garlic and anchovies. Then fire it up with some flecks of finely chopped fresh red chili and add a little parsley.

The silky smooth pasta ... the sea ... the salt ... the heat ... the crunch.


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