Ruminations and recipes from a small kitchen in a big city.


What I cooked last night: an index of sorts.

To save you trawling the archives, here's a list of links to the recipes I've posted over the last few months. Enjoy.

Late-night pasta. And a gin and tonic.
Asian noodle soup. With butterfish.
Barbecue kebabs. With soft Lebanese bread.
Easy spring roast lamb. With rosemary.
Pasta with chicken, pesto and spring vegetables.
Leek and beans: a side dish. (Well, it could be a main course.)
Corned beef hash. But where's the corned beef recipe? I'll get on to it.
Salad nicoise. With a few additions.
Beef stew. With red wine and vegetables.
Simple ragu. Made from the stew juices.
Curry take-outs.
Grilled blue-eye. Fish and mash, yum.
Fish patties.
Caesar salad. My version. (Or one of my versions.)
Several dinners cooked outdoors while camping.
Sweet potato and corn salad.
Pasta Caprese. Tomatoes and mozzarella.
Bean stew. With lemon, garlic, cilantro and pinenuts. And a nice side salad.
Osso Buco. In a hurry.
Picnic ideas for a heatwave.
Lunch: ciabatta with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.
Don't be afraid of sushi. Plus a quick laksa.
Papardelle with home-made pesto. And shaved Kasseri.
Grilled chicken breast. Marinated in soy, ginger and garlic.
A summer four-course dinner. Bruschetta; pumpkin and red pepper soup; pasta with anchovies and sundried pasta; Italian biscuits and espresso.
Middle eastern spicy burgers. With rice and salad.
Linguine with clams. Garlicky, creamy, delicious.
Veal scallopine al vino bianco.

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