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The aroma of this fills the house.

This is a dish I grew up with, because lamb shanks were cheap and the meat, when it falls off the bone, is unctuous and delicious. The soup's OK too:

Lamb Shank Soup.

How easy is this?

Place your lamb shanks, trimmed to your liking, in a large pot with a cup of soup mix (barley, lentils and dried peas), a diced onion, a diced carrot, a diced turnip, a couple of sticks of chopped celery, a bay leaf, maybe nip the top off a rosemary sprig and toss that in too. Season.

Cover with water. Boil. Turn down. Simmer very slowly for a couple of hours or until the yummy aroma gets too much and you have to have a big, steaming bowl of delicious lamb shank soup RIGHT NOW.

Dice a potato or two and place in the simmering soup half an hour before serving (or earlier if you like your 'tatties to turn to mush, they're yummy that way too).

Decorate with parsley. Eat with dark beer (Guinness) or a strong cup of tea.

There are, of course dozens of variations on this recipe. But the basic principle of boiled seasoned lamb with aromatic vegetables always comes out a winner, no matter how you do it.

Play around with it.

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