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Sometimes you just open the refrigerator and dinner jumps out.

Food 'bloggers don't always eat gourmet meals.

Sometimes they just stand at the 'fridge and eat last night's cold pizza. (Well, I do. I'm not speaking for others.)

Last night I opened the 'fridge. Inside was a couple of cold roasted potatoes, some olives, half a pale green zucchini, a leek sausage (Greek 'loukanika' - delicious), an eggplant (who put that in the 'fridge? store them at room temperature - the cold rots their skin), some hommous, a jar of tahini, a small amount of left over greek salad (onion, tomato, cucumber, fetta), some basil and parsley, half a bottle of cream and a dozen eggs.

You already know what I made, don't you?

The 'everything' omelette.

I beat half a dozen eggs (it's going to be big with all those fillings, you can add cream if you wish). Sloshing some olive oil in a non-stick pan on a low heat, I poured the eggs in.

Then I carefully placed the roasted potatoes, sliced; the zucchini, very finely sliced; the salad; the basil and parsley, chopped and the leek sausage, sliced into the egg mixture and dotted the olives, halved and pitted, on top.

I put the lid over the pan, turned down the heat real low and let it cook through gently. I wasn't even going to attempt to fold this omelette, so I guess that makes it a frittata, which is just a fancy name for omelette anyway.

Meanwhile I cubed the eggplant, dusted it in sumac, tossed it in a heavy-based pan in olive oil with the chickpeas and a couple of scored cloves of garlic and let it cook - once again, very slowly.

Once the eggplant has 'wilted', about 10-15 minutes depending on your pan, the stove heat, the wind direction, the lunar cycle and how hungry you are, you can eat it or adapt it. I added a dash of tahini, half a cup of cream and a very generous squeeze of lemon juice, probably a quarter cup at least. Maybe more. A minute or so more on low and it's ready - careful, it might burn with the tahini.

Meanwhile I made some couscous, no drama there, just couscous into the boiling water, dash of butter, swirl it 'round and let it sit. Done.

I had turned off the heat under the omelette a few minutes earlier, maybe should have started the eggplant first. Letting the omelette cool a fraction allows it to shrink slightly - I placed a plate upside down over the pan and quickly flipped the pan - it came out beautifully onto the plate.

Whopping great slice of Everything Omelette, with a side of eggplant stew on a bed of nutty, salty, creamy coucous.

Not bad for a scratch meal. I had no idea I was going to make it.


Where did the hommous go? Can't remember now. Probably into the eggplant stew.

Had some more omelette, cold, for lunch, today. Delicious.

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