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Favourite chicken recipes # 1.

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and pesto.

This is really a summer thing with fresh pesto, but the bottled alternative is just fine.

Take some chicken breasts, slice them in halves, add some cheese (I used a 'trecchia' that is sold locally, it's a kind of plaited mozzarella) and a generous amount of your pesto.

Carefully wrap the stuffed breast all around with some very thinly-sliced prosciutto. The thinner, the better, it kinds of 'wraps' better if you know what I mean. You may need to use toothpicks to secure it.

Brown very carefully and gently in olive oil, then add some white wine and some peppercorns, place lid on pan and allow to simmer very gently, turning the breasts after several minutes depending on thickness. Finish with cream, remove cooked breasts, raise heat slightly to reduce sauce and pour it over chicken.

One the side: rabe or spinach braised in garlic, olive oil and a dash of water; scalloped potatoes baked in the oven in chicken stock; or maybe just a nice salad.

And a nice buttery chardonnay.

If you have any chicken left over, slice the breast 'across the grain' and layer in fresh ciabatta with rocket.

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