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I felt like something orange. And red.

What to eat on a drab, cold, winter weeknight with nothing on the horizon but more cold, grey skies and work tomorrow?

My, what a pessimistic outlook! Actually, I quite like winter, but you do need a little colour to brighten it up occasionally.

Colour! OK, what's in the fridge? Two chorizo sausages from the Greek deli in Coburg where you stand for at least twenty minutes before being served, it's that busy. (They have resisted putting in a numbering system because they - perhaps rashly - believe people still have manners and common sense enough to know if someone was waiting before you. Bravo! It's worth visiting just for that rapidly diminishing common sense in a mad world.)

So. The chorizos  (yes, I know they're Spanish - the deli is run by Greeks, but they sell Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Latvian and other smallgoods and products as well as Greek).

I boiled some cubes of pumpkin and a carrot chopped into fat rings, put some strips of red capsicum (red bell pepper/sweet capsicum/red pepper depending on where you are in the world) under the grill and simmered the chorizo in a little boiling water. When the vegetables were done, I peeled the capsicum and made a pot of couscous using the vegetable water. (By the way, you don't need a couscousier to make coucous any more than you need a ricemaker to make rice,  unless - perhaps just for convenience - you are making these staples every day).

Then I put the coucous in a big mound in a large platter, tumbled the chunky colourful boiled vegetables over the top and topped it all with the diagonally-sliced chorizos and the capsicum strips.  Showered it with a bunch of very lightly toasted pinenuts, and added a good dash of tomato sauce/salsa and sheep's yogurt.

Bit of a mixture; but colourful, hot and yummy. Don't forget the glass of rosé.

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