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A taste of summer in mid-winter.

I just love corn, it is summer on a cob.

Since it is the middle of winter here, it's time for a reminder, using canned sweet corn.

Tuna goes magnificently with sweet corn, the saltiness of the fish contrasting with the sweetness of the corn. The contrasting textures work well also.

Sweat some onions in a pan and boil some diced carrot in a pot until soft. Boil some potatoes.

Combine these in a casserole with two cans of tuna, a can of sweet corn, some roasted red pepper (capsicum) and some a nice binding sauce, maybe cheese and a little flour in some milk - just enough to bind it all, not too wet. Salt and pepper.

Top with mashed potatoes and bake until golden.

Yes, I know I've done similar things lately; including a Fisherman's Pie, but man! The weather! It's cold and it's blowing a gale and rainclouds are scudding across the sky.

It's casserole weather.

Can't wait for summer, when I'll be grilling those juicy, yellow corncobs on the outdoor grill, slathering them with butter, salt and pepper and crunching into their sweet juiciness.

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