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Mid-rice crisis.

Thought I'd try Mum's chicken curry, the homely one where the chicken falls off the bone and the potatoes fall apart. It's quite mild, Mum always made it to Dad's taste - Dad died twelve years ago but she stills makes it the exact same way - isn't that sweet!

Fry onions in whatever oil you prefer, I used olive but it might be too strong. Add garlic and a tablespoon or two of standard curry powder, Mum uses Bolsts, I used fresh bulk-packed curry powder from the spice shop in Coburg. Might be a little different.

Then add chicken pieces on the bone, breast, thigh etc. Stir for a minute or two then cover with half chicken stock, half water.

Add potatoes, quartered.

Cook away for hours on end. Mum seems to have hers going all day. She adds a little corn starch at the end to thicken it slightly.

I cooked mine the day before, switched off, cooled, refrigerated and then re-heated the next night. It was simmering away beautifully when I thought I'd better put the rice on. Now where is that rice, he thinks, hunting through the cupboard.

We were out of basmati rice. Out of short grain rice. Even out of arborio rice. (We did have some sushi rice, but T. had accidentally used it to make the dogs' mince instead of the cheaper rice - lucky dogs!)

We did have one packet of unpolished i.e, brown arborio rice which I reluctantly set to boil but it was going to take 35 minutes.

So we had curry without rice. Who needs rice! We had some nice chutney and lime pickle to go with it. It was delicious with all the melting potatoes and chicken falling off the bone.

It was different to Mum's though. Well, she's been cooking it for like fifty years.

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