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And another thing ...

I posted my first asparagus recipe for spring.

Now here's the second.

Boil the tender, juicy, green spears until soft enough to your liking in water with a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

Drain, place on plate, sprinkle with crumbled blue vein cheese, capers, cracked pepper and a dash of vinaigrette dressing.

Eat with buttered bread rolls for lunch in the early spring sunshine, watching the leaves coming out on the magnolia as the last winter blooms fade.

And a glass of chardonnay to toast the warmer days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Asparagus this BIG
They grow up to 15in long and 2in wide.
cyprus gardening

Anonymous said...

Vegetables are great, but the Heart Start Defibrillator is better (At saving your life, that is ;) ).