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Easy broccoli soup.

An easy, all-in-together soup ideal for those spring days that revert suddenly to winter.

First, set three large cubed potatoes, a whole finely-chopped onion and a chopped clove of garlic to boil in chicken - or preferred - stock (this time I used an Oxo chicken stock cube in about a litre of water - they are quite salty so I didn't add extra salt). Toss in a few ground black peppercorns for some heat.

Then add a bunch of broccoli - stalks can also be used if peeled and soft inner section grated or chopped finely - and cook until everything kind of melts down. You can puree it if you like a really creamy consistency; I just gave it a few swishes with my trusty old hand beater. Add milk or cream before serving.

Finally, I added some crumbled fetta over the top for an extra burst of salty, creamy flavour. A nice lunch on a cold, showery spring day with fresh bread rolls or ciabatta, spread with pure creamery butter.

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