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Prime Minister in cheese attack, unfazed.

Well, this was quite funny - I heard the exchange on the radio news.
Instead of leaping on the interjector, wrestling him to the ground and carting him away in a police wagon, the security guys let him talk, and then he just, like, wandered away. To the supermarket, I guess, to get some more cheese.

The funniest part was the PM's rejoinder (it's not in the press report). He just stood there and when the guy had finished his diatribe, Mr Howard replied, laconically, 'Well, I've obviously lost your vote!'

The laughs don't stop there. Following the incident, Tim Blair posted a poll, see sidebar asking which is the correct cheese to direct at the PM.

I love the way Bega Bar-B-Cubes are way ahead in the poll. Mr Howard is so not a brie kind of guy.

Of course Roquefort is disqualified on the grounds that its importation to Australia is illegal.

Speaking of which, my favourite meal involving Roquefort - apart from eating it au naturel, which I can no longer do, so thank god for King Island Dairy's Bass Strait Blue - was at Paris Go restaurant circa 1994 (pre-import ban) - Steak Roquefort: a large puck of finest sirloin, chargrilled rare, topped with a slice of roquefort and melting butter and served with crisp, thin pommes frites and a plain green salad. I remember that meal like it was yesterday. My future wife had the fillet of Blue Eye cooked voluptuously in butter and lemon and served with snow peas and potatoes dauphinoise. Delicate little french bread rolls on the side, glasses of beaujolais. Dessert was Mont Blanc, some kind of a sweetened chestnut puree concoction topped with double cream - amazing. Followed by percolated coffee in little french glass cups and petit fours.

This post is a mess. Where it ends is so not where it started.

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