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Trevally with udon noodles and broccoli.

Bargain of the week at the market - fresh trevally $6.99 a kilo, a delicious silver-skinned fish ideal for baking.

I wrapped it in foil with a dash of soy, a squeeze of lemon, a chopped chile pepper (from my magic chile pepper bush which produces chiles of all different heat intensities), some onion rings and a sprinkling of curry powder for good measure.

Then I dropped some fresh udon noodles (the thick, soft ones - from Wing Cheong asian supermarket in Chinatown) into boiling water, rinsed them and then tossed them in a pan - along with some lightly steamed, crunchy broccoli florets - to lightly stir-fry in a small amount of delicious, fragrant sesame oil and a little soy.

Noodles and broccoli into a bowl, baked fish over the top.

Jasmine tea.

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