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Why is rocket rocket? And who is Brian Cadd?

Because it takes off like one.

So I pulled out four or five four-feet-high plants and stripped all the leaves.

Now what?

Rocket pesto!

Chop it all up, grind it with a couple of cloves of garlic, a bunch of pine nuts, plenty of good parmesan cheese and olive oil.

I like the rough consistency when it is ground instead of pureed.

So on Friday night we had an early dinner of breasts of chicken stuffed with rocket pesto and a slice of cheese (I used a local soft cheese but I think you could use any cheese on earth because cheese is cheese and all cheese is good cheese) and gently poached in white wine in a pan with a tight-fitting lid. With silverbeet from the school garden (masses of it came home) cooked with a dash of water and olive oil, a scored clove of garlic and cracked black pepper.

Then we went out to see a show by Brian Cadd, a white-bearded piano-playing rocker, kind of a cross between Leon Russell and Elton John I guess, who had a string of hits in the seventies with his groups The Groop and Axiom, went to the US to write and produce for twenty years and then returned to Australia to retire. And promptly went on the road again. It was a great show, with all his hits including Ginger Man, Show Me the Way, A Little Ray of Sunshine, Baby's Gone Again and a whole bunch of others.

And I'd forgotten how amazing Hammond organ sounds. Someone bring it back.

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