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Picnic, anyone?

We're going on a picnic tomorrow, it's the Greyhound Adoption Program's annual Christmas picnic. All the greyhound foster-carers and people who have adopted them are invited. And their dogs of course.

We're hoping for a nice day, but against the odds given the completely unpredictable weather in the last few weeks. Hot one minute, windy the next, rainstorms the next.


The wicker picnic basket.
The tartan picnic blanket (every time I lay it down the dogs jump onto it first and spread themselves out. They have no manners at all).
Ciabatta rolls - havarti cheese and lettuce; curried egg; tuna and onion with mayonaisse.
A leek frittata.
Some fruitcake.
Raincoats. Umbrellas. Suncream.

The frittata:

Lightly beat four eggs with salt and pepper, cook thinly sliced leeks - about two cupsful - in olive oil until soft, about five minutes, pour egg mixture over, cook until set, on a low heat. Carefully turn onto a plate, chill.

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