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We have a forecast.

It's close enough now to Christmas Day for it to be reasonably accurate. If that makes sense.

22 degrees. Not too hot, not too cool. Probably perfect.

Just like it was last year when we hosted T.'s family for Christmas. We had tables on the lawn, under the shade of the trees; and spread some rugs for the children. We had a buffet spread including roast beef, roasted potatoes, turkey, hams and salads. T.'s father sat in the dappled shade and enjoyed his last Christmas surrounded by his family. After lunch a niece gave a clarinet recital and we broke out the shortbread and Scotch. I seem to remember a lemon curd trifle and a Christmas cake with holly, but after the Scotch, who knows. It was a good day.

This year we are hosting my family. We'll do much the same kind of thing. I wonder if someone will bring a clarinet.

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