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Chef shortage - Australian hospitality industry could 'collapse in ten years'.

Maybe a little exaggerated. (Well you don't write a headline that says 'everything OK' do you?)

Nevertheless, this is a lifetime career, a craft learned by degrees (not university ones) stretched over endless years. It is not television or a ticket to riches.

The students don't get it and it is not their fault.

And now the industry is screaming. The industry is not entirely blameless, having sought fame via 'celebrity' chefs and the like. The usual traps into which new money invariably falls, seeking ever more fame and riches.

The industry, admittedly, has a lot to complain about including punitive taxes and over-regulation.

And I can imagine their pain when students come in and start bitching about conditions, long hours and the lack of instant fame.

All that and the chef shouts!

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