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Three days at the beach.

Following last week's storms, I was a little anxious but there was no damage to the beach house, just a few ti-tree boughs blown down in the back yard.

The front (bay) beach was still closed due to high e-coli levels, while dead penguins and other seabirds had been washed up on the back (ocean) beach along with other debris.

Yesterday, we ate lunch (open smoked atlantic salmon sandwich on rye; chicken, avocado, cheese & mayo sandwich; coffee) in the shade of the outdoor umbrellas at the Blairgowrie cafe, accompanied by Goldie and foster greyhound Chris. Frank the fat dog wandered by, as fat and as happy as ever.

Speaking of Blairgowrie and the back beach, what is this about?

I've certainly never seen any panthers, even on my after-dinner walks.

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