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Where did ten years go?

March 11 1995, a sweltering Saturday, 38 degrees.

We were married in the Brunswick Town Hall, newly restored to its Victorian grandeur.

The ceremony was in the atrium - here - where champagne was served afterwards. Then we moved into the hall proper (I'm sure you realise these are not actual wedding pics, just googled images of the location!), where the caterer had created a cosy atmosphere with potted palms, a low bandstand in one corner, a dancefloor in front of that and round tables adorned with crisp white linen. The main meal was served formally (canapes had accompanied champagne in the atrium).

The bride was beautiful and the bride's father gave a speech few could understand and then he sang some mad Scottish song and danced a little jig that brought the house down and then the band played and everyone danced.

Dessert was a 'buffet' selection with waiter service, kind of a big mobile display on ice from which guests could choose and have it served to them. People like to move around at weddings and by the time dessert comes out everyone is on another table so it was a nice way to do it.

Then there was coffee and those little chocolate 'four' things and whisky and wedding cake.

Honeymooned at Port Douglas. We've been back since - in 1998 - and it would be nice to visit again. But not right now. It's about to be flattened by a cyclone.

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