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Twelve things to do with homemade pesto.

When you have made too much.

1. Smear it on toasted sourdough and top with poached eggs for a late breakfast.

2. Make bruschetta for an appetiser before dinner - toast some slices of a baguette loaf and smear with pesto, top with diced tomatoes mixed with finely diced onion, basil strips and balsamic vinegar. Include a slice of bocconcini or some ricotta for a variation.

3. Stuff a chicken fillet with pesto and some gorgonzola then wrap it tightly in prosciutto, sear in oil then poach in white wine.

4. Halve some cold hard-boiled eggs and top them with pesto and caviar as a picnic item.

5. Barbecue some swordfish steaks quickly and top with pesto just before serving.

6. Cook some linguine, slice an avocado, toss it all together with pesto and top with shaved parmesan. Amazing taste sensation.

7. Take a large hunk of your favourite cheese and top it with a smear - or more - of pesto. Wash it down with your favourite wine. That's all. Is there a better indulgence in existence? Didn't think so.

8. Combine a little with mayonnaise to dress fresh asparagus.

9. Make slits in a leg of lamb and stuff them with pesto before baking.

10. Add it to your salad dressing.

11. Running out of ideas now. It was a lot of pesto. Put it into smaller jars and give them to your friends.

12. Stand at the fridge and eat it out of the jar.

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