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Chicken soup.

After a busy few days I felt a cold coming on, so I did what I do at least once a year - head for Scheherezade. We should really visit more often but it's on the other side of town.

Chicken and soup with kreplachs and a basket with fresh rye bread and gold-foiled butter for me, latkes for T.

The chicken soup was of the most intense flavour, the kreplachs bursting with more chicken and it was all garnished with dill. Worth crossing the world for, not just the city. T's latkes are delicious, she's a potato girl at heart and you won't get better. We shared the bread, dunked it in the soup. Dunked the latkes in the soup too. It's that kind of place.

Even so, our eyes nearly popped out of our heads when we saw a pair of diners at an adjacent table being served schnitzels. The schnitzels were the size of the plate itself. Such that the steaming fresh boiled potatoes which accompanied the schnitzels had to be brought out on separate plates. As did the coleslaw!

Afterwards, vienna coffee with some apple cake, spiced and with a fine crumble baked topping, and butter cake, the original.

We're going back soon for the frankfurts and sauerkraut. And the borscht and potatoes. And the cabbage soup. And the cheesecake, recipe a hundred years old ...


Niki said...

Oh - how exciting! Another Melbourne foodblogger; there's so few of us to warrant great excitement when I find one. I'm sitting at work at the moment, so have only read a few of your entries, but it's wonderful (and a little surreal) to read of places I know and have visited.
I have LONG wanted to visit Scheherezade with a passion, but it's on the other side of town for me as well, and parking is just such a headache around there. I'm determined to get there, though.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks for visiting, Niki!

esther said...

Ahh, good to see Scheherezade getting the props it deserves. I want to feel it's going down hill since the Zeleznikow's left but it's still as good as always - a bit of a family tradition with me - my grandfather used to spend every Saturday there.

Me, I'm a cabbage soup girl, but borscht and potatoes is damn good too. Oh, and latkes...

Well worth crossing town for indeed. And there's a tram right to the door so who needs parking!