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Famous author almost goes blind; writes bestseller.

Despite almost going blind last year, Australian-born author Colleen McCullough has just published her latest book.

McCullough doesn't care for critics. 'I don't give a s---,' (about lukewarm reviews) she says in an interview in Weekend (not online).

She does know good writing, however: "When I'm listening to Beethoven, the note that follows the note before is the only note it could have been. When I get that feeling out of a book, when the word that follows the word before is the only word it could have been, that's awesome and you just want to get down and genuflect."

Her new book, On, Off, is also her first whodunit, drawing on her career as a neurophysiologist. (McCullough spent ten years at Yale Medical School after setting up the neurophysiology department at Sydney's North Shore Hospital.)

Looks like this summer's ideal beach read.

Mmm, summer. Bring it on. Barbecues. Heat. Cold beer. And a good book or two.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the Masters of Rome series.

"Thornbirds" was a little romantic for my taste.

I'll look forward to her next one, too.