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The previous post was the shorthand of the move (I'm still not online in the new place - waiting ... waiting ... ) but here's the detail of what happened on the day of the move.

8am. I had the entire house packed up in cartons (including my reading glasses - and yes, I found them - in the glovebox of the car), ready for the removalist who was booked for nine. Fridge switched off, food in coldboxes, etc.

9.10am. I'm in the driveway looking up the street. Nothing but blue sky and gumtrees on the verges waving their shaggy arms. Getting anxious. People should be on time.

9.20am. I called the removalist. I knew immediately by the sound of the voice on the other end of the line that something had gone wrong. The girl said she'd check and get straight back to me. The girl didn't get back to me. Max got back to me. Max is the boss. Max said the truck had broken down. Max said maybe we wouldn't be moving today. I said maybe Max should hire another truck and get its ass into my driveway ASAP if not RFN. Max said don't be like that. I said I'm not like that, Max, but I can be on occasion and this is one of those occasions, Max. Get me a truck, Max.

10am. I'm working the phone, trying to find another removalist at short notice. No luck.

10.45am. The phone rings. I have a truck, said Max. One of the other jobs finished early, said Max. It will be there in fifteen minutes, said Max.

11.10am. The truck backs into the driveway. One driver and one assistant, not much older than fifteen. I had a chat to him later. He was the driver's younger brother.


Max didn't admit it, but there had been no breakdown, of course. They just forgot the booking. If you break down, the first thing you would do is call the customer. They didn't call. Max obviously realised how stupid it would sound if he just said, oh, we forgot. Because even if people are stupid, they don't want to sound stupid. People are like that.


So it all turned out fine in the end, just a couple of hours late.


A piece of advice. If anyone's moving house, when you ring up the removalist to get a quote, ask if there is anyone there called Max.

If there is, hang up.


Sara said...

We had the exact experience last year when we moved. AND THEN because we were still at the old place and not the new house, we missed our phone hook-up appointment and had no phone for a week. I hate moving!

plum said...

One of the tensest moments in my relationship was five minutes before the movers were due to arrive - we had just finished packing everything and the new tenants were arriving soon so we had to be out that day - and my boyfriend looked at me and said "you did confirm with the movers, right?"

they turned up, thank goodness!

kitchen hand said...

Sara and Plum, I feel your pain. I still don't have internet at home (hello, phone company?)