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Bacon or prosciutto?

OK, I've done this before but it deserves a high rotation on the repertoire. And you can vary it.

Pasta carbonara is generally made using bacon and often cream. I don't use cream in this dish and I was out of bacon so I used prosciutto instead.

I cooked shredded prosciutto in a little olive oil and a small dash of white wine until it was almost crisp. This takes very little time. It dries to deliciously salty and flavourfilled flecks that really add punch to the eggs and pasta.

Cook the pasta at the same time - this time I used egg noodles for an even richer, more unctuous, taste. Drain, place back into the pan with just a little of the cooking water, toss around until some of the water evaporates off, add the eggs - just crack them straight in - fold them through and add the shards of prosciutto. I like to add some grated parmesan or grana padano or romano or whatever you have into the pan while folding through the eggs - or you can simply add it afterwards.

Add plenty of cracked pepper and lots of chopped parsley and you have a delicious meal. Especially with a nice glass of red and some very fresh crusty bread.

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