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Chicken Soup in Windy City.

The winds fought and for a week the South wind won and the city shivered. Then the North wind found new strength and chased the South wind and its partners in crime, the clouds, back to King Island or the Southern Ocean or Antarctica or wherever they came from. On its way, the North wind picked the heat up off the vast inland plains and blew it all the way to the city and the city basked in golden sunshine once again.

But in the meantime we all got colds.

So we made chicken soup.

Of course, everyone has a chicken soup recipe and everyone swears theirs is the best in the world so I won't say this is better than any other chicken soup recipe, it's just how I made mine this time. Next time I might make it differently.

Chicken Soup.

1. Cook four chicken pieces on the bone in about two litres of water with a clove of garlic, a scored rib of celery, a chopped carrot and a chopped onion until chicken is done.

2. Remove and discard vegetables; remove chicken from bones and set aside; put bones back into soup and simmer for twenty minutes.

3. Remove bones, strain soup and put back in pot with chopped chicken, a finely chopped onion, a diced carrot, some finely chopped celery and salt and pepper. Simmer.

4. Just before vegetables are done, add soup noodles, cook until done and serve garnished with chopped parsley.

We had some mashed potato left over and we added this to some of the soup for a creamy thickened version. Delicious.

I also stole some of the soup after Step 3 and used it as stock to make chicken risotto. Easy.

And now the sun is triumphant again and the forecast top temperature is 25 celsius and I'm thinking barbecue ... grills ... salads ... eating outdoors ...

I'd better get onto it quickly. The South wind is planning its next move.


sue said...

I have a cold too. Made chicken porridge to heal me! Same concept except after removal of bones and meat, I added too much rice and let it simmer and simmer until it became so gluggy it could hold together the walls of china. Yum. Season with soy sauce, pepper, fresh spring onions and fried onions. Delicious.

Posie said...

I to have been ill with a bad stomach reached for my mum's recipe for chicken soup. Good for the soul!!

Love your recipe!

Sara said...

mmmm...mashed potatos in the soup...sounds lovely.

kitchen hand said...

Congee is one of my favourite dishes, Sue, ill or not. I think I've tried every congee in Chinatown and a few in Victoria Street, High Street Preston and Footscray as well. Next I must make it at home.

Get well soon, Posie. Glad you liked the recipe.

Sara, the mashed potatoes were great in the soup. We do a lot of mixing and matching 'round here. Got to use it all up! I hate throwing out food.