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The Food Blog Survey.

I'm starting to enjoy these little inter-blog conversations. I must be a procrastinator at heart. It sure beats peeling spuds. I found this one at Queen of the Kitchen, whose current post is a fantastic recipe for gluten-free Swedish meatballs, complete with great photos to salivate over.

List three recipes you have recently bookmarked from food blogs to try:

1. I cooked this last Christmas: Goan Prawn Balchao, from deccanheffalump at Cook's Cottage, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

2. I love a good meat loaf, and I've noted this one from Janis Gore at Gone South.

3. Baked cod with cheese and mushrooms, from Amuse Bouche. Cod is my favourite fish at Easter time and this sounds divine, pardon the pun.

Do you know of another food blog in your vicinity:

This one hails from St Kilda, one of my favourite Melbourne suburbs. Many years ago, I used to holiday in St Kilda for two weeks in the depths of winter, virtually living in the magnificent Palais and National theatres during the annual International Melbourne Film Festival, dashing out to Acland Street - one hundred metres from the dooors of both theatres - in between movies to eat. For two weeks you could eat lunch in a different cafe or cakeshop every day and dinner in a different restaurant every night without repeating any. Imagine living there. You'd never stay home.

A food blog located far from you:
Is Calgary, Canada, far enough away? This is Sara's food blog and her recipes are indexed here.

A foodblog, or several, you have discovered recently and where you found it:

The last new one I saw is The Feast Crusade. I found it ... now where did I find it? A comment on a post on a linked blog. I think. The internet is a forest and you have to bookmark everything. A bit like Hansel and Gretel dropping gingerbread so they knew where they'd been and could get back again. If I've got my fairy tales right. Or was it stones and not gingerbread?

What's the best thing about food blogging?

Visiting a food blog is like looking forward to having high tea at your aunt's house on Sunday and wondering what she's going to serve. And the comments are the conversations around the table.

What's the worst thing?

We used to be obsessed about the food. Now we're obsessed about the blog.

Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme?

Any or all of my readers are welcome to take the baton and run with it. As I said, it beats peeling potatoes.


MM said...

Does that mean I am the witch at the end of the crumbs filled path? LOL. Thanks for the mention. I agree with you that finding blogs is really an adventure. Great post - I enjoyed reading it!

neil said...

Thanks for the mention, when I get over the weekend I'll have a look at that. mm if you are the witch, I bet your gingerbread are the best.

jo said...

Awwwwww, thanks. I hope you like the Cod, in fact I haven't made it myself recently. I think it is time...

selena said...

it was bread, but the birds ate it. then it was stones. they didn't want to make that mistake again. the house was made of gingerbread.